Pre-Qualification is a must in todays business world for companies wishing to secure premium construction contracts. Many Owner Clients and Hiring Clients have implemented prequalification services for the contractors and subcontractors they hire to help reduce incidents and lawsuits.

Do you have everything you need?

Getting approved by third-party prequalification providers such as ISNetworld®, BROWZ®, Avetta®, ComplyWorks®, PEC Premier®, or others can be a very complex and time consuming process and a mistake could cause your company not to get the approved.

Valericela’s “Ideal Compliance Solutions” service will help you get approved and help to position your company to be the most attractive candidate possible to compete for those premium construction contracts.

The Valericela Team is comprised of safety professionals with years of professional safety experience and expertise, giving our clients the EDGE they need to help them meet all requirements necessary to be approved by the “Third Party Prequalification Providers many of the larger and best companies subscribe to.

Service levels

We offer 3 levels of service.

Whether you would like us to manage the complete process or provide you only portions of it to supplement your in-house efforts, we have a program to custom fit your unique needs and become an extension of team.

Basic Service Package

For Companies that manage their own programs but need assistance with written documentation such as Safety Manuals, Policies, Procedures, etc.

Standard and custom chapters written based on your specific requirements and can be delivered to you as well as uploaded to your account.

  • Write individual, specific, and customized chapters
  • Upload required chapters to your account
  • Deliver hardbound manual and chapters
  • Provide digital copy of chapters

Premium Service Package

Provides ongoing maintenance for all of your “Verification Programs”

Maintenance updates to your manual and account based on regularly-released requirements and standards changes from OSHA, MSHA and the verification companies.

  • Guaranteed score on all materials uploaded by Valericela
  • Regularly scheduled reviews and monitoring of your account
  • Complete all needed changes
  • Complete all required quarterly updates
  • Write and upload all new and revised chapters
  • Ensure a maximum compliance score
  • Upload all required documentation including but not limited to Insurance/ Experience Modification Letters, OSHA Logs etc.

Platinum Service Package

For Companies that want the Complete Prequalification Solution

Complete HSE compliance. Includes account set up, questionnaire, manual, training documentation, and more.

  • Write and upload complete customized, company-specific safety manuals to meet owner-clients and auditor requirements
  • Receive a thorough assessment of your current training, provide required training documents and upload all required materials
  • Complete all questions required on questionnaires using your specific OH&S policies and procedures
  • Eliminate discrepancies and upload all insurance and statistical documents required by your customers
  • Monitor your account and make needed changes to ensure a maximum compliance score
  • Provide digital copy of all materials and certificates

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